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Recording SetupMy name is Keith Livingston and I’m a singer/songwriter who’s been playing music for, let’s just say decades, shall we?

I’m also probably just like you – someone who wants to get good recordings of songs at home. I’ve put together this guide to help you get started doing that.

This guide is for folks who have songs and want to record them. It’s not a treatise on esoteric audio techniques or a shootout between thousand dollar microphones or about the latest piece of gear nobody knows how to run. It’s a guide on how to start with a basic home studio setup so singer/songwriters can get decent sounding demos of songs, or even release professional sounding recordings.

Why listen to me? Because I have extensive recording studio and live sound experience. I’ve been producer or engineer on hundreds of recordings and dozens of albums and CDs. I’ve worked in many of the top studios in the Seattle area and mixed in rooms all the way up to Seattle Center Arena (that’s what they used to call it) and the Tacoma Dome. I literally have thousands of hours of studio time under my belt.

I’ve taught audio engineering and production at the college level, worked for a record company and run a radio station too (in Russia — it’s a long story).

Anywho, I put together a PDF of my setup that explains, in simple terms, what you might need to set up to record yourself. It’s just 10 pages long and you can download it for free — you don’t even have to give me your email address. It will save you a ton of research time. Here it is…

Home Recording Setup

On the other hand, if you want to hear the gear I talk about in the report and what home recording software is capable of, sign up to my email list and you can download my first EP for free. Here’s a taste . . .

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Keith Livingston is a songwriter, musician, producer, and engineer, with roots in pop, rock, punk, classical and classics. Keith has more than a dozen CDs under his belt as a producer and/or engineer. Keith writes music about everything from science fiction and horror, to religious oppression, and of course love.

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