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Black Is (1990 Cassette Release)


Black Is

I recorded Black Is in Tom Dyer’s 8-track basement studio in 1989 or so. Using a drum machine (except for a track or two) and playing many of the instruments myself, it was a labor of love. I’ll fill out the full credits in a bit–I don’t have them with me at the moment.

The Black Side

Black Is
The Dream
Given Any Heart
Stanislaw Lem
One Last Chance

The Blues Side

Letting Go
4th Of July
The Blues
The River

Black Is was a cassette release (those were the days). I’d like to thank Tom Dyer for his graciousness, support and help during those times and beyond. Vicki Dyer deserves sainthood I believe for putting up with us all. Tymber, Don Lange, HÃ¥kan Svensson, Tim Gibson, Rod McCarvel–thank you.

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Keith Livingston is a songwriter, musician, producer, and engineer, with roots in pop, rock, punk, classical and classics. Keith has more than a dozen CDs under his belt as a producer and/or engineer. Keith writes music about everything from science fiction and horror, to religious oppression, and of course love.

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