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Keith Livingston: Volume I

No charge.  1 song a day, for 4 days. You'll also get news and updates from Keith's music newsletter.

What folks are saying about the EP. . .

Killer song dude. Not bullshitting you. Really great tune.

Geoff R.                 

Hi Keith,

I just listened to your song. I can't even begin to tell you how much I love it. Seriously. It's pure awesomeness and I just downloaded it for my own computer.

When do we get more????

Carly F.                 

I am in awe of both of you for placing yourselves in front of people like that, to discuss songs and the thoughts and feelings behind them and your music-making.

Håkan S.                 

You are an amazing artist. Love, love your work.

Paula S.                 

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