Available for live performances in small venues, coffee shops, as an opening act, house concerts.

I. Show. Up.

Keith Live
There’s me, actually showing up for an actual gig, in front of an actual window somewhere.

Plus, my music will single-handedly (technically, I use both hands) save the world from the very brink of disaster, while at the same time give your shoulders that gentle massage you’re dreaming of right now.

But seriously, my music is cool and good. I’d describe it as melodic rock/pop. It’s accessible, you can tap your foot to it and hum along. You may even find yourself singing a bit of it the next day. It’s in the vein of Minus The Bear, or Neil Diamond, or Tony Orlando and Dawn, or Motorhead, or somebody. Listen below.

I’m not going to be drunk or be an asshat. I’m easy to work with, I have fun playing my music and that’s only possible for me if I’m a pro and act like one. I’ve been in the biz a loooooong time and ain’t gots no time for no such tomfoolery.

Here are a few, brief snippets (1:20 total) from a few of my songs.

This is what I sound like

Demo Link (if the audio player below doesn’t show)

About live performances

My schtick isn’t for everyone, here’s a few things to know about how I perform live…

  • I do original material — one or two sets
  • I play guitar and sing along with backing tracks (a big advantage in terms of sound, ease of setup and the small amount of stage space I need)
  • Award winning songwriter
  • Over 15 years in the music industry
  • Easy to work with
Here’s the high resolution photograph the world is clamoring for.