It’s The Songs!

It's the songs, you know? I'm Keith. I write and record music that sounds as if Steely Dan, Grand Funk Railroad, and The Tubes had a cage match -- everybody died, but there was some DNA left over.

Evil scientists grew the remnant DNA in a petri dish, and fed it a diet of nothing but the best rock music from the '70s, '80s, and '90s.

That DNA grew into a human, who would have been the greatest rock songwriter and performer in history, but he went into bitcoin mining instead. It's as if I took guitar lessons from his cousin!

And I write the music he would have written -- like the bands you love used to write.

Keith Livingston

This Ain't The Summer Of Love

It's not a calculated marketing move -- this stylistic choice. The world is not looking for guys my age 'making it big', sounding like days gone by. I'm retro because I loved the music of that period. You love that music, too.

At the same time, while I love listening to classics, none of us want to be musically stuck in high school. We've all seen those people. It's sad.

Blah, Blah, Blah -- When I was Young (in an old-man voice)

I used to run sound in the Seattle club scene, in the years before the grunge scene exploded. The clubs were filled with talented original bands, packed crowds, and people dancing and singing along from in front of the stage.

These folks would would buy CDs at the gigs, and request the songs on local radio.

They would  listen in their living rooms and cars, and at their jobs, so they could relive those moments, and immerse themselves in a creative, original, fresh musical world.

These people sought out new music, and got a rush from being in a burgeoning music scene. Many of them worked in music stores and/or played in bands. They lived and breathed music. They were the scene's backbone -- the support system. And they built the environment from which the Seattle music scene rocketed to world prominence.

I'm looking for people like those.

You might have been one of those folks, or have a similar story. Or you might be a younger person who's open to original music from different eras. Either way, you're a person that loves music from the '70s, '80s, and '90s -- and you're open to something new -- as long as it's good.

You're my peeps!

The people that love my music tend to be very musical. I write musical music. It's guitar oriented. It gets very dark sometimes, and joyfully simple at others. It's always catchy. It's got real riffs, and solos sometimes, and even guitar harmonies (remember those?).

It's melodic and thoughtful. It's provocative -- yet not far from innocence (wait a minute -- I think that's from a wine commercial).

It's The Songs, Man!

Behind it all, are the songs. They're outstanding. Gut wrenching, soul stirring; sometimes just plain happy. It's all about the songs.

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PS: I almost forgot to tell you one of the most important parts. About 4 years ago, I completely uprooted my life, sold or gave away almost everything, and I moved to frickin' Thailand to work on my 'about to be released' project. It was supposed to take 6 months.

In that time, there have been broken bones, floods, romantic adventures and misadventures, unbelievable women and morally questionable men, and some that fit in neither category. There was the time a baby cobra was discovered in a room at a nudist resort. The only way to get the little (very venomous) bugger out was . . .

. . . well, I'll finish that story in an email, someday (I've go the video). Click the button, if you want to know how it ends.