Nice to (Almost) have you on board!

Follow the steps below to complete the process and get in:

Check your email inbox

Go to the inbox of the email address you just used to sign up.

Open The Confirmation Email

Find the email from Keith Livingston.

Smash The Confirmation Link

Or gently caress the 'confirm' link with your mouse pointer -- first in slow circles, and then faster, your breath quickening, until you click -- and both you and the link collapse, breathless, on the Internet floor.

Once you click on the link in the email, your address is confirmed and I can send you mail. There's a working unsubscribe link in every email, in case you want out.

Keith in Krabi

Why all this nonsense?

Spammers send out millions of emails to everyone they can. Legit senders have to be very careful who they send to. If I want my email to get through to my peeps (including you), I must run a very, very clean list. So, I have people click a confirmation link in the first email.

That way, if some internet bot puts an email address into a form on my website, they won't confirm. And my email list will remain as pure as the driven snow. In other words, the 'confirm' link helps ensure that only people that want email from me, get email from me.

See you on the inside. Lots of great musical things coming in your email :-)